About Shim Consulting

Shim.consulting may seem to be about content production but in reality, what we offer is lead generation.

Good content attracts people and that is exactly what we aim for. By combining excellent content skills, solid research, and SEO, we support companies that are trying to grow.

Whether you’re looking for a missing piece of your sales team or looking to build an entirely new funnel – we’re designed to help you.

Really? A Malaysian-based Writing Business?

Thanks to the power of digital, the world today is becoming increasingly borderless and that works well for business. If you’re doubtful about taking on talent (even if temporarily) from another country, be secure in the thought that we product content for clients around the world.

Some of the sites we work with include;

We have helped to grow websites, social media accounts, and even built our own sites simply to share effective, useful content with the world.

Some of Our Work

Other Titles We’ve Produced

Shim Consulting is also the owner and operator of other web-based properties including;